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Options to consider when buying a family car

Buying a car is a big decision and requires many considerations. With so many models, styles and features to choose from, research is important. A general idea of what you’re looking for helps narrow down a lot of options. We’ll explore many of the considerations that can be taken when purchasing your next family vehicle.

New or Preowned

A new vehicle has that distinct new car smell and 0 miles on the odometer, but  also loses thousands of dollars in value the moment it pulls off the lot. Even still,you can rest assured that a new car will have all of the latest and most advanced features, while a pre-owned car may not. This, of course, must be weighed against the cost of new versus pre-owned. There are pros and cons for each, but the main point to remember is buying from a reputable dealer mitigates the risks.

How much car you can afford not only includes whether you’ll purchase new or pre-owned, but also takes into account the amount of money that will be spent on gas and upkeep. A car is not an investment, such that is does not appreciate in value, but you can make sure you’re getting the most value for your hard earned money. The down payment you have available and financing options will help direct the total budget as well.


Safety ratings and features vary across cars. Information can be found online for results on crash tests ratings, child safety ratings, airbags, technology, and tire safety. It’s possible that even the size of the vehicle itself will instill a sense of safety since a large truck and a sedan feel much different once inside. It’s important to consider if this is true for you.

Fuel Economy

With gas prices in constant flux and ever-rising, how frequently you’ll fill up the

gas tank matters. If you have a long commute to work or drive kids to after-school activities, you’ll be filling up more often. Environmental impact may also pull you in one direction over another.

Maintenance & Cleaning

There is variation in how much maintenance cars require, as some are known to have parts that require more upkeep than others. Having a trusted mechanic is important when you’re making more frequent trips for maintenance. Additionally, you’ll want to consider the fabric of the seats because children and family pets make messes, and you’ll want to be able to clean stains easily.


Not only will you want to consider how many people the car fits comfortably, but you’ll want to consider the overall space in the car. You may be carpooling in the future, which means you’ll need more space than just enough seats for those in your family. The trunk space will need to fit groceries and equipment for hobbies and activities. You’ll also want to consider space for packing for family vacations.

Bonus Features

Bonus features such as a built-in GPS, DVD players, satellite radio, rear-facing cameras, among others, can be chosen to fit your needs. These features can also be stylistic, like window tinting, or functional, like a sun-roof or moon-roof. All of these additions are the exciting options that add to the price of the car, so you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing features you’ll use and that fit your family.

Written By Hayley Hughes

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